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How to get real traffic from targeted country for web design and development niche

Nowadays, due to several online web design and development services companies. it is essential to get real traffic from those regions and countries which would be beneficial for our business or brand in the long run.

 There are several ways which can be integrated with our particular web development technologies to drive sales from any region in which we are interested in. 
Selecting a targeted country for your website development and relevant design niche helps you to rank higher in Google search engine ranking and Google would also give you slightly more priority as compared to others. 

So, here am going to discuss some easy ways to acquire real traffic from a specific country for website development niche.

Domain Name Selection For Your Website.
Best level domain extensions like .com and .org are normally preferable to have for a business as they generally rank higher on worldwide web services or any of the search engines. But if you are intending to start a blog or a website that fulfi…