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5 Facts of a Responsive Web Design for a Custom WordPress Theme Development You Never Knew

A need of web design and development services for a website is a crucial need of today because the Internet is accessed by everyone at maximum level through Smartphones and that leads to such circumstances.

 WordPress is one of the easiest and quickest platforms for making trendy and useful websites, in which you don’t have to start working from the scratch level. 

So if the responsiveness and customization of WordPress theme combine then it would lead to several benefits in terms of screen resolution, being friendly for search engine rankings, accessibility on cross-platforms, etc.

So, here we are going to discuss 5 main secrets for having a responsive web design of a custom WordPress theme development which you never knew before this.

Search Engine Friendly
According to statistics of, most of the web-traffic in different service providing sectors generates from Smartphones such as:

19% of search queries in the travel & tourism sector, 16% of search queries in the retai…