5 Main Benefits Of Using Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Nowadays, a mobile device is the king. A recent research shows the traffic on cell phone devices has crossed the desktop searches in 2015.

 But if your web page takes time in loading on the mobile device, chances are your viewer will get irritated and leave the page resulting in a ghastly user experience. 

Google came up with a method to assist speed the load time and produce a win- win a position, so it’s time that you should get onboard and head-on the fight.

So What Is AMP?

Accelerated Mobile Pages is abbreviated as AMP. They are basically cell phone pages that are planned to load instantly due to the simple structure of it. 

Let us explain it to you; simply your cell phone website is a living room. It’s decorated with a cozy couch, traditional interior, drapery, an indoor plant and a useful but trendy coffee table. 

AMP, on the other hand, is the modest equivalent.  Now imagine a room someplace in Sweden, it has a sofa, a side table, and concrete floor and probably a normal rug.

 It doesn’t have a much comfortable look as the other one, but at least it’s operational and that you have some place to sit. So basically the Swedish room is your AMP, it narrows away all the things that make the process of loading your page slow and offers only the basic necessities.

There are a different variety of advantages in using AMP. Let’s explore the main benefits of using accelerated mobile pages.


These days everything is about speed, especially when it comes to working on the mobile devices. 

Were you aware of the fact that an average AMP loads 15-85 percent faster than the regular web page?  

Mobile users are pretty demanding these days as compared to before. The speed element of Accelerate Mobile Pages plays a vital role in making sure that the content is produced as fast as possible on the mobile device. 

There are some WordPress themes that support AMP, if you are creating a website or blog, then look for best responsive WordPress themes.

Improved Search Engine Ranking

Even though AMP is not an independent ranking factor at the moment, but the mobile friendliness and page loading time seem to be very important ranking factors.

 As AMP immensely improves the website loading time and mobile friendliness are developed along with AMP will most probably reward in higher rankings than websites that are unresponsive and slow.

Improved Visibility For Publishers

With the AMP search results will clearly display the AMP symbols in green. The addition of these symbols could indicate click through rates perk up for these pages as the search result will not only stand out, but more users will start to search for AMP pages as they will see quicker loading.

Additionally, Google SERPS have also started to show the AMP content with visually direct carousels that comprise of large images. 

This will automatically draw the attention of the user and any content that is within these carousels will get a major boost in traffic for the search keywords related to that content on the AMP page.

Support For Ads

AMP focuses on supporting a wide range of ad formats, technologies, and networks.

 The main aim is to deliver ads quickly while allowing the content to look great and also grab the viewer’s attention. 

This will help the advertisers increase their authority and improve the return on investment on the ad spending.


AMP Viewer Analytics

Nowadays, the trend to track the visitor behavior on websites has greatly increased and AMP keeps a watch on this. 

Publishers can select from two tags that will automatically track the viewer data like new vs returning visitors, viewer counts, conversions, video and link clicks and much more.


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