What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using Multimedia Services

The old websites only contain some of the pictures, and the idea expanded to include the rich media and the content on the internet. The usability experts proposed the idea of using the multimedia services

They have explained some of the significant advantages of the rich media. The expert Dr.Jakob Nielson from the Neilson Norman Group has put his thoughts on the negative effects as well as the benefits of the multimedia present on the sites.



You just cannot deny the fact that multimedia services help to grab the attention of the users. 

It diverts the traffic because the viewers are much more interested in seeing the pictures as well as the rich content. It involves the images, videos, and audio.


The website owners must embed better on page SEO. This helps the content to be displayed on various sites through back linking on the social sites and diverts the traffic indirectly.

 The higher the number of visitors the higher the rank of the website on the search engine sites.


The companies and the various brands can get more credibility through this. 

The content like videos and audios support the websites and work as a marketing strategy to divert the audience who are interested in the brand.



If the SEO is not done properly, then the multimedia services may damage the rankings on various search engines. 

It is essential that the SEO must be handled appropriately by the professional otherwise the overall traffic of the users on the website will affect.


It is true that viewers do not prefer the sites which take more loading time. The rich content or the multimedia services increase the loading time of the website. 

If the user comes across the site which displays the message of please wait or the content is loading then the user will inevitably click on the other page or website which owns the better performance.


Not all browsers are able to support the multimedia content. Every user uses a different system and has different settings.

 It is wise to use the content or the settings which will are common to everyone worldwide. Take an example that not all devices support flash service and because of this, the content is unable to display. 

It is essential to use the standard media format which would frequently work on almost all systems.

         Up to date

Most of the users always seek the up to date information. There will be very fewer users who want to take a peek at the history.

 So the multimedia services which are updated will surely generate traffic so creativity and be innovative in adding the rich content is also essential otherwise you will lose all the traffic.