Why Most People Will Never Be Great At Social Media Optimization

Every marketing expert is familiar with the SEO techniques, but social media optimization (SMO) is still relatively off the radar for some, even though it plays an extremely important role in the world of online marketing. 

In general, social media optimization is to make use of social media to boost internet traffic and create brand awareness of your product, service or business.

With the passage of time, social media continues to rise in terms of importance and popularity and this rising is not ending here, it keeps increasing. 

So here we look at some mistakes that people make in the quest for gaining traffic, shares and likes which ultimately results in making them bad at social media optimization.

Choosing Quantity Over Quality

Generally, the most common mistake that businesses make when they are initially beginning their social media optimization journey is that they post too much content that is not of interest or importance. 

While this may seem to be a small and normal mistake, the impact of it is great as search engines are therefore using social networks to rank pages so this can have a negative impact.

Secondly, if there is less or no interaction with the content that is being posted, then this becomes less valuable in the eyes of Google and other different search engines. 

This rule applies to posting multiple links of your website on different social media pages for Facebook and LinkedIn groups. The rule is to post links and they should be targeted not to spam, as this will get you small gain.

Not Permitting Easy Sharing Buttons

This one is no-brainer, but many businesses exploit their chance of making the content being tagged shared or liked.

 If the user has to search for the share button, then they are doing way too much on their part. Sharing buttons are one of the easiest ways to drive traffic to your website

So make the like and share button easily accessible on the website and the users will repay you this favor.

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Being Unexciting

When you are utilizing social media optimization, you need to realize that if your content is not interesting, barely a few people will pass the title line.

 The main element of social media optimization is the content to be engaging. 

This can be tough to deal with if your subject is not organically exciting, but if you do get creative, chances are you will promote likes and sharing.

Not Sharing Other Creative Content

Remember sharing is caring. Another common mistake made by people is that they don’t share other people’s content except for their own. 

The whole concept of social media is sharing different ideas of different people. No one really gives a damn to people who only talk about themselves all the time, same is the scenario in social media optimization. 

If you find some good content on your competitor’s pages shares it, you can increase engagement through it. This way they will look at who re-tweeted or shared their post and will ultimately check out your page, your website and also return you the favor of sharing.

 SMO is all about driving engagement and sharing interesting content.

Not Being Active On Social Media Optimization Pages Like G+

Ignoring G+, then do it at your own risk. It may not be the strongest social media networks in the world, but it surely offers some incredible SEO/SMO advantages that any other social media network doesn’t. 

Be certain that you share your content of G+ to stay ahead in the race. With the passage of time, you will notice that your SEO and SMO will take a noticeable increase in ranking.

Lastly, you must focus on a few audiences or topics and try to appeal and directly involve in that group. 

As a matter of rule, it's better to focus on a specific kind of the targeted audience for every post rather than trying to spread a broader message that will most probably fall on unresponsive ears.