5 Facts of a Responsive Web Design for a Custom WordPress Theme Development You Never Knew

A need of web design and development services for a website is a crucial need of today because the Internet is accessed by everyone at maximum level through Smartphones and that leads to such circumstances.

 WordPress is one of the easiest and quickest platforms for making trendy and useful websites, in which you don’t have to start working from the scratch level. 

So if the responsiveness and customization of WordPress theme combine then it would lead to several benefits in terms of screen resolution, being friendly for search engine rankings, accessibility on cross-platforms, etc.

So, here we are going to discuss 5 main secrets for having a responsive web design of a custom WordPress theme development which you never knew before this.

Search Engine Friendly

According to statistics of Mediative.com, most of the web-traffic in different service providing sectors generates from Smartphones such as:

19% of search queries in the travel & tourism sector,
16% of search queries in the retail,
10% of search queries in the entertainment sector, etc comes through mobile phone devices. 

Similarly, research studies have shown that 19% of web traffic presents on different e-commerce websites comes from Smart Phones as 67% of buyers like to purchase from their mobile devices directly. 

Not only it helps you as far as
search engine ranking is concerned, but it loads fast and has a well-structured look over all. Even Google also recommend that responsive WordPress themes are best for Mobile configuration for best practice.

Flexibility with different Screen sizes

A great benefit of having a best responsive custom WordPress theme is that it works like a fluid easily with all the screen resolutions and sizes. The grid sizes, headings, footers and the images are manageable along with the allotted space in terms of appearance.

Different statistics of Hobo-web have shown that till 2010, there were only 97 different screen sizes but by 2015, there are different 232 different and unique screen sizes which compel the need of more responsive designed websites made on WordPress.

Accessibility on Cross Platform

Cross Platform availability is an asset of a responsive WordPress website design because it is supported on all devices such as Desktop, Laptops, Tablets, Notebooks, iPad, PC, Smartphone, etc.

The feature that makes it popular among all the available platforms is it's easy navigation and smooth working. It behaves and looks the same way on all platforms without any sort of error or glitches thus users don’t get bored.

Everybody is using the internet in this era, but the device, platform or browser could be different, this thing affects a lot of the entire website’s appearance. The customized responsive WordPress theme allows having such features which eliminate this distortion.

Easy to manage

It is really easy to manage the responsive WordPress theme website because it contains features of both desktop and mobile as well. It is not easy to manage 2 different marketing campaigns and optimizations separately for desktop and mobile website.

So this problem is easily eliminated by responsive web designs on WordPress such as optimization for keywords on a SmartPhone can be done very quickly through this approach. There is no need to enter different sets of keywords for the desktop version and mobile version separately.

Similarly, content management is also very easy to handle in responsive themes as copy pasting of content from Word editor to the WordPress can be done directly and very useful to save time as well.

Excellent Smartphone’s user experience

  • Responsive WordPress theme website design allows having a user-friendly and exceptional user experience with the help of trendy responsive features and gives maximum chance to users for accessing content on their chosen devices.
  • Best UI design features provide the optimal user experiences to have because, in today’s fast moving world, the design should be sleek and simple. It should instantly forward its message and the requirements to visitors.
Similarly, faster loading speed of responsive websites also helps to gain the maximum trust of consumers because if it would not respond in the given time then users will skip towards other websites.

So, this actually gives a benefit of not having a separate mobile site which usually shows error messages while loading, but a responsive theme would be a smooth experience for a user.