How To Build Trust Through Social Media Optimization For Lead Generation

Are you looking for the new ways to generate leads with social media optimization?

Could your online lead generation program use an upgrade or make your trust in the market?

If so, you’re not alone. Only 40% of marketers think that their current online marketing mix meets the sales pipeline needs.

Today, in this article, I’ll show you the main three ways through which marketers can increase and track the qualified leads via social media optimization.

But, before this have a Look on,

Where the Lead Generation problem lies?

The main 2 issues of Lead Generation are as follows:

 ·         Your team is not agreed for one 1 way measurement of social media success: 

Don’t get distracted by this analytics and metrics (e.g., Facebook likes or Twitter followers) when you should be focusing on metrics that contribute to revenue.

·         Your company’s use of social media doesn’t align with business objectives:

In many companies, social media defaults to supporting traditional communications or customer service goals. If your social media strategy wasn’t built to support lead generation, it’s impossible to track and report the positive return on investment.

3 ways to increase the Lead Generation through Social media Optimization

 source: growwithweb

Way # 1: Attaching the Content with a User-Friendly Form

If your client or a loyal customer has answered with a generating a filled-out form, then you are likely to have an already valuable content on your website that requires the user to provide information to access it.

 If you’re not promoting that form-gated content on your social media channels, you can’t measure leads and conversions.

It is better to launch a social media lead generation strategy that uses all available opportunities to promote your gated content. When a prospective lead clicks on the link, they’re taken to an eye-catching landing page with a short form above the folding page.

Instead of just giving away valuable content, the company requires prospects to fill out the form before accessing the slide deck. 

This tactic enables them to tweets them directly which contribute to a successful lead generation.

Way # 2: Maximize Your Audience with Focused Social Ads

Now that you’ve gained some idea that how social media optimization companies, maximize your results with a smart social advertising strategy and generates your prospective leads.

Social media ad formats have become matured now beyond basic engagement metrics. Along with the debut of Twitter lead generation cards and Facebook has again come up with objective-based advertising that social ads have successfully repositioned themselves to support revenue-based business goals.

The Twitter’s lead generation cards are a two-click solution to social lead generation. As they appear as promoted tweets. When a user clicks on the lead generation card, it expands to reveal an offer or sign-up form that is auto-populated with the user’s name, email address and Twitter handle. 

According to a research, it can provide almost 1700 to 2000 new email subscribers in less than a week.

Tracking your leads from lead generation cards and promoted tweets is easy. You can download your leads directly from Twitter Ads into a spreadsheet or connect your CRM to automatically receive the new leads.

 Plus, Twitter makes it easy to optimize with built-in cost-per-lead reporting:

Similarly, Facebook ads can now track website conversions with offsite pixels. To get started, craft an ad that will grab Facebook users’ attention in the news feed. Next, make sure the ad links to a landing page with form-gated content and a clear call to action.

Way # 3: Optimize through Google Analytics

So how can you track social media–driven leads even more effectively? 
Integrate Google Analytics goal and campaign tracking with your social promotion strategy. 

To get started, set up your lead conversion path as a goal within Google Analytics. Once your goal is set up, use Google’s Campaigns URL Builder to properly tag your promoted links as a campaign within Google Analytics.

The Three fields are mandatory to create a Google Analytics campaign:

  •        Campaign source
  •       Campaign Medium
  •      Campaign name
      An optional fourth field you should include is campaign content. This field is hugely important in optimizing for cost-per-lead tracking.

When you’ve completed those fields, click Submit. You’ll get a newly tagged URL. This is the link you’ll need to use in your ad creative so Google Analytics can track conversions and it is one of the most effective ways to generate the lead through social media optimization.

Understanding through Infographic:

Source: quicksprout