How You Should Do Brand Promotion On Social Media

The main aim of our blog is to provide our readers with advice and guidelines as to how they can promote their brand or business correctly on social media. 

However, we know people who are in charge of social media management, particularly in minor businesses, don’t have a lot of time to browse through a broad blog archive. 

To give you a solution we have collected info on how you can do correct brand promotion on different social media platforms.

Some of the most important social media platforms are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest


·         Don’t waste time in selling. This is the most essential point. People are not really interested in buying stuff on Facebook, but yes they are interested in seeing genuine eye-catching stuff.

  •          The best way to do brand promotion on Facebook is by encouraging conversations with your followers, by asking those questions. Keep the description as brief as possible, save the long copy for your blog.
  •          Photos and videos are the main focus of your timeline. The study, shows these are the most shared types of content. Timing is everything, test different times of the day to find out when your fans are most active.
  •          Monitor your page and respond to the comments. Mostly to keep the conversation going on, but partly to make sure that nobody is being abusive to other commenters.
  •          Post directly to Facebook rather than using any social media platform like Hootsuite. Facebook’s algorithm favors posts being posted directly.


·      Tweet daily. If you don’t consistently post content on your Twitter then your followers will lose interest in you.

  •          Reposting your old content is a great idea. There is no reason for you not to repost the good stuff that you have done in the past, particularly if it’s the evergreen content.

  •          When posting on Twitter, don’t forget the #Hashtags, they are very important if you want to get your posts noticed. But whatever you do, don’t do Hashtag stuffing in your posts. It can become annoying.

  •          Weekends and evenings are a time when you should not miss out the traffic so schedule the posts accordingly.

  •          To make your tweets more visible, add imagery to it. People are more interested in sharing tweets that have images in them.

  •          Follow people from your industry, this way you will gain more fans.

  •          Find influencers and request them to share your content, but make sure that you approach the influencers in the right way or it can annoy them.

  •          If you want people to share your content then you should share their content as well, just make sure that it’s relevant and interesting.
  •          When sharing an article or blog, don’t just put the title of the article instead put an interesting quote or statement from the article.
  •          One of the important rules of brand promotion is never to ignore the people who give you a reply, always take out time and reply them back.
·         Equally, never ignore negative feedback or criticism. But never reply in a defensive or argumentative tone, keep it professional and polite.


·         When posting on Instagram don’t be afraid of the detailed descriptions. Giving a detailed description of your imagery is a good and interesting thing to do and can really make your picture or video worth watching.

  •        Post the original video content as well as the images, your followers will love you for it.
  •        Create your own #Hashtags and use them in different pictures of yours.

  •        Try to post new and original content where possible. People are more interested in seeing something that is new.

  •        Instagram gives you the liberty to use filters, so use them at will. They are extremely innate, and they can turn a simple picture into a visually pleasing masterpiece.

·         Share “behind the scenes” pictures of your business or brand. Some of the actors and popular TV shows do it and they get a massive reaction.


 Create boards on specific niches related to a different product range of your business. For example, check out Amazon boards.
  •             The best way to drive traffic to your website through Pinterest is when you add links to your site in your post description.
  •           When you add links, don’t only put the links; add some related text with it too. This will become more interesting when you will be posting pictures of your own products.

  •           When you are creating boards for your pins, be creative and think out of the box.

  •            You can promote your blog content by using relevant, eye-catching images.
  •           Engage with other boards and pins that are similar to your business and encourage them to follow you in return.

  •            Everyone loves motivational quotes. They are in fact overused, but still they are highly loved on Pinterest.  Just try to make use of these by making them slightly relevant to your field.


·         The best way to do brand promotion on LinkedIn is by being relevant and active in different groups. You can become a part of the community by asking different questions or replying to questions asked by others.

  •        Use different groups on LinkedIn to promote the content, but make sure that the content is helpful to the group members and is just not sales spam.
  •         Post some of your best content in LinkedIn publishing platform (pulse). If people read and like your content they will most probably follow you as well. The LinkedIn blog is also a great place to find influencers in your field.
  •          You can interact with influencers by sharing and commenting their updates or posts.
  •         Optimize your LinkedIn search for your profile or page by adding relevant three to four main target keywords in the main description sections.

By no means, this is not a comprehensive list, but it is a basic list of do’s and don’ts for those who are just starting out on any of these platforms and need help to get them going.