How to get real traffic from targeted country for web design and development niche

Nowadays, due to several online web design and development services companies. it is essential to get real traffic from those regions and countries which would be beneficial for our business or brand in the long run.

 There are several ways which can be integrated with our particular web development technologies to drive sales from any region in which we are interested in. 

Selecting a targeted country for your website development and relevant design niche helps you to rank higher in Google search engine ranking and Google would also give you slightly more priority as compared to others. 

So, here am going to discuss some easy ways to acquire real traffic from a specific country for website development niche.

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    Domain Name Selection For Your Website.

Best level domain extensions like .com and .org are normally preferable to have for a business as they generally rank higher on worldwide web services or any of the search engines. But if you are intending to start a blog or a website that fulfills specific people then just go for purchasing a domain name specific with a country extension at the end.

 For example: .pk for Pakistan as a domain extension so that website will rank higher among search performed by Pakistani people, .au for Australia is preferred by Australian bloggers as they generally write content relevant to their nation, etc. 

 It is always a smart approach to go for the best results in less time. The only limitation in this approach is that among the whole worldwide search engine ranking, it would really hard for your brand’s website to come high up in the rank as the domain name is country specific.

Specific location of Web Hosting Server

Another critical factor driving geo-focused activity for targeting traffic from a particular country is your server’s area. For example: if you want your website to cater only US based audience then it is most preferred to have a web server for your website from a US based company.

 Similarly, if you are looking for traffic from Australia, then go and host your website on Australian servers. Not only this, but it helps to speed up your website’s loading on those countries web search engines as well because of the specific country’s I.P integration with your web design and development services company. 

If you do this, surely it will make your website or blog rank higher in the specific country’s search engine ranking.

      Geo-Targeting through Google Web Master.

Google Webmaster Tool is a free and effective device from Google for bloggers and website admins and extremely useful when a blogger or a website admin is looking for nation particular activity or audience.

 This application permits you to set which nation your site is focused to or catering to and then it just helps to gather traffic from over there, Really easy, less time consuming and safe to use.

It is really simple, just Sign in to your Google account and go through the ‘Google Webmaster Tool’. There will be a ‘Configurations’ tab, click on it and search for ‘Settings’ in the menu. From here you can set your preferred country, you wish to target for your website or blog.  

 Back-links for your web design and development website 

Creating back-links has been developed in some past years and is a really advanced and effective method to go for. Many methods have been introduced, but back-links have so much significance that it remained constant.

 Creating country-specific targets for back-links is a significant approach. For example: if you want to fetch traffic from Australia then just go through relevant Australian websites and create backlinks from there. 

Not only, this guest posting, making an open space for Australian crowd to post, comment or write blogs on your website will also help a lot in generating traffic from the specific country to your website.          

   Google Business Places feature using SEO

This method is mainly applicable for a website or a blog that has numerous visitors or any website which is providing services. 

This feature of Google business place is really user-friendly. You just have to fill a form in which you would give the relevant information about your business including address and contact number. This information will help Google Places to determine your location and would send the appropriate traffic according to that. 

For more target specific results, you can enter information about your business’ social media profiles and pages. It would help the feature to analyze your service and audience better.

Best thing is to go with anyone method at a time, analyze its results and then go towards the next. In the end, compare your results and choose the one which best suits for your web design and development services company.