How right mobile application framework can convert your visitors into customers

For every business nowadays it is necessary to have an online presence. An Online presence does not only include having websites but due to the boom of Smartphone, it is really necessary to have smart mobile application framework designed exclusively for your business.

 Today’s world is of multi-tasking, juggling between numerous tasks and having no patience at all to keep waiting for the loading of web pages. I used the word ‘smart mobile application framework’ above. 

Why is that? Because if your competitor has an application that loads fast, don’t require many scrollbars and have a sleek user interface and you don’t have all these features then keep in mind that your visitors will never ever become your genuine customers.

 They would just come, visit and will skip your website especially the mobile users. And according to statistics, a business’ mobile experience tends to increase heaps of revenues in a shorter period of time. So today we will be discussing some major points in order to make a right mobile application framework can convert your website visitors into loyal customers.

      Correct space utilization

It is really important to utilize most of the important features in a minimal space because in today’s time no one has enough patience to keep scrolling vertically or horizontally in order to see the big picture. 

 If you have something that can’t be fit in small space then just go for fold-up tabs or making new links to the respective pages. It is better to make your design check or reviewed from different users so you can have an idea from the viewer perspective.

     Make search bars more effective

One of the most avoided feature while designing a mobile application framework is generally the search bars. 

They usually allow the visitors to find their desired things as quickly as possible so for that reason, it should be highlighted and designed well, must be organized in a place where it can be seen easily like front and centered.

 It is most preferred to have a full-length search bar which easily grabs the user attention. Along with it, using an auto-search tool also helps the users to search relevant products easily on your application and may produce more sales if there are multiple choices.

     Keep the framework simpler

Make the page clean and simple so that visitors can easily check and access for what they have come to visit your application. 

Just avoid the junk, unnecessary pop-ups and sliders, useless tabs and bundles of extra web pages that have no value of making money or providing you with potential customers. 

It is really preferred to go for 2 tone colors like white and focus on the fonts especially. Avoid long paragraphs and such statements as no one is interested in reading long stories.

     Don’t include many questions from users

In real life, people just get irritated in answering too many questions so the same rule applies in mobile application framework as well. Do keep in mind to make your statement and conversations optimized. 

If it is really necessary to built-in a form before signing up then go for it otherwise link in with the Facebook or Gmail account.

 As far as form is concerned, if you don’t have any benefit from having your customer’s date of birth, contact number, address, etc so just don’t ask for it and include it in the form. It just clutters around make your potential customer bored and annoyed.

     Utilizing geo-technology benefits

These days in order to increase your potential customers; it is an important tip to add the GPS technology into your mobile application framework.

 Because it generally helps you show the relevant content according to the location of the customer so your sales become more focused and targeted. It increases more chances of sales as well.

     Create atmosphere of urgency

It is a buyer’s psychology to attract towards those companies or shop where there is a sale or a special offer that won’t last for too long. 

It is best to have an e-commerce application to sell your products through the phone as well but, the key feature is to develop a feeling of urgency that shows the deadline. 

It would surely grab the buyer’s attention and they would probably check-in those sales areas. Timer feature can be added here as well.