10 Key Tips And Tricks About How To Become A Web Designer

 A web designer like any other designer knows that what he is doing, he is the best at it. But frankly speaking, there is no human in this whole wide world who thinks that whatever he does and in whatever manner he does it needs no improvement. 

There is room for improvement for everybody in this mortal world. Designs are already changing and evolving with each passing day, therefore, designers must also grow and evolve in order to keep themselves up-to-date.

 If you aspire to be one of the best web designers there can be, you should never stop yourself from learning something new. 

You must never let your laziness be an obstacle in your way to trying new projects and getting experience in all kinds of web designing related tasks that exist in the modern world of information technology.

Doing different web designing projects:

Keeping first things first, it is necessary to inform you that you would more than often encounter many tasks and we designing projects that you will find difficult but it is always better to start learning from things that are easy and less complicated. 

If you are a beginner, it will prove to be more in favor of you if you make yourself get habitual in learning new things by starting to learn how to get done with simple projects. One such task is to convert PSD to HTML.

You will definitely find a large variety of different videos and tutorials as well as different blog posts and articles that will make you learn and get sufficient knowledge of this task and gradually you will become so apt in converting your Photoshop designs into HTML websites within no time at all.

The steps involved in this task:

The various steps involved in the complete procedure of  PSD to HTML conversion will be briefly overviewed in the following text of this article. First of all, you will have to create your website design in Photoshop or any other such software or program which supports files in the .psd format like Gimp, etc. 

For making this happen you need to be completely aware of and also know how to use the different tools and panels of Photoshop. The various tools and panels of Photoshop are very important in creating your web design in a .psd format before you actually convert it to HTML design.

After that, you need to get a grip over the various aspects of HTML tags, structure and conversion software service. 

For this portion of the whole procedure, you need to be aware of all the tools which will help you get started HTML and CSS and then also of all the HTML tags which are used most commonly. In this part of learning how to convert psd to html, you do not need to cover all of the HTML tags initially. 

As a beginner, you have a margin to learn the first few basic tags and then you can move on to the other ones later on.

web crayons

Now finally comes the step of coding into HTML. The text editors that you are going to need for coding are Atom, Notepad++ and Aptana as a Windows user, and Text Wrangler, Text mate, and Coda as a user of Mac. 

For coding a website at the beginner stage you only need to learn about the commonly used tags which are needed are for the list of items, images, links, paragraphs, and headings. 

While you are learning how to code your website, you would also have to advance towards getting aware of the technique of changing the height and colors, etc. of your elements i.e. the conversion software service or CSS properties. 

By knowing this you will get your grip over how to make a well-presented website from a basic HTML markup.

After having completely learned how to position your layout structure in the step briefly reviewed in the paragraph given above, you are now capable of starting from the scratch and creating your web design on Photoshop and then converting it to HTML by first marking it up and then styling and positioning it properly via the CSS. Yes, now PSD to HTML conversion make by yourself.